Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Woman Indeed

My ladies and I
Come from one of the most misunderstood tribes
Loving and affectionate
A leader and strong believer
Yes I am a woman indeed

My style is all mine
And I wear it just fine
My attitude is something fierce
my reflection in the mirror
Is the woman in me, indeed

My hips have felt worse pain than the words that have escaped from your lips
And my eyes have cried dozens of times
I stand strong in my stance and confident in my walk
I break down behind closed doors
Cause my enemies can talk
Yes my lord made me
Into a woman indeed

I've endured plenty of trials
Been through so many ups and downs
People have come and gone
Many times I've had to walk this life alone
Some days I've seen the same old situations
Blocked many opinions
And even in my darkest days I can see
The woman in me

our emotions are up and down
Feels like we're floating in a cloud
men can't understand the cycle of this
I simply say grow a uterus
I've got plenty of shoes
Purses galore
My pockets aren't fat
But I'm far from being poor
The hustler in me
Makes sure my family eats
When friends disappear
And family is nowhere near
It is mama who makes miracles appear

I am a woman
The mirror tells me so
I didn't ask for this, I reap what I sow
I live my life to the best of my ability
Do my best to block all negativity
As I get older I am wiser
Will continue to be a fighter
Standing strong, confidently
Loving every part of me

Yes I am a woman indeed
Living my life...bodaciously